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Eating is Changing the World, the podcast series that decodes food systems - Preface.

Podcast 0 Eating is changing the world, the podcast series that decodes food systems - Preface.

In this last quarter of 2022, Soliance Alimentaire launches Eating is Changing the World, the podcast series that decodes food systems. In this preface episode, we meet Henri Bouillot, CEO of Soliance Alimentaire, and Christophe Torella, Adix partner, newly appointed President of the structure. Through 8 minutes of sharing, they present Soliance Alimentaire, the new entity resulting from the merger between TriesseGressard and the Adix group.

Soliance alimentaire: a structure born from the complementarity between the Adix group and TriesseGressard

In this first episode of Manger c'est changer le Monde, Christophe Torella tells us about the birth of Soliance alimentaire, born from the complementarity between the Adix group and TriesseGressard.
Founded by Pierre-Yves Pennarun, the Adix group was created in 1994. Its core business was organization, business transformation and information systems governance. The group first worked in the retail sector and then opened up to thefood industry in the early 2000s.
Historically, the Adix group has focused on organization, processes and transformation processes. Christophe Torella explains the limits of this specialization: "there was always, at some point, a difficulty in our ability to study external environments, to understand territories and to set strategies". It is therefore with the ambition to fill this gap that the Adix group is looking for a partner in 2018.
In 2019, Henri Bouillot, Managing Director of TriesseGressard, meets Vincent Behague, President of Adix. He presents him with the group's vision: defining support and systems through the major uses and activities of Man. Seduced by this "I feed myself, I care for myself, I house myself" approach, Henri Bouillot immediately felt aligned with the philosophy of the Adix group. The TriesseGressard teams also place human needs at the heart of their support. An approach considered as an essential point for the usefulness of their job.
Beyond this alignment of values, TriesseGressard perfectly responds to the Adix group's problematic. With its strategic assets, the Lyon-based firm was quickly considered an ideal partner. Its core business being the specialization in the sectors and companies, as well as the accompaniment of the food strategies which concern the territories, the institutions and the international.
It is thus through this meeting and thanks to the combination of the know-how of the two structures that the project of bringing together the two entities could take place. Soliance alimentaire was born in 2022.

Food Soliance: bringing together the strengths of different specializations and cultural environments

In this preface to Eating is Changing the World, Christophe Torella describes the strength and innovative aspect of Soliance alimentaire.
First, this new entity now combines two different specializations. On the one hand, it has the capacity towork with companies and territories and to understand what is at stake within the sectors. On the other hand, Soliance alimentaire benefits from the transversality of the Adix group, on know-how historically concentrated on the private sector.
The fruit of TriesseGressard and Adix also benefits from the meeting of two different cultural environments: on the one hand, a team of young agricultural engineers, and on the other, engineers from organizations with many years of experience. For Christophe Torella, this mix is at the origin of a cultural "alchemy" of skills and practices, adapted to the challenges and stakes of the "I feed myself" usage. For him, this is a good response for the food market, which needs to benefit from different approaches to enable the deployment of sustainable food systems.

Food Soliance: supporting changes in food and agricultural systems while respecting all stakeholders

The creation of this new structure has enabled TriesseGressard and the Adix group to acquire the capacity to follow companies and sectors along the entire value chain, from the farmer to the distributor. Soliance alimentaire is also able to accompany them whatever the situations or problems they have to solve: understanding their environment, their uses, the strategies used, the brand issues or within the framework of an information system change.
This combination of expertise gives Soliance Food a deep knowledge of the business and of the way in which companies, territories, institutions and the international community must be accompanied on major food issues:

  • Competitiveness of sectors and companies
  • Territorial diagnostics
  • Food waste
  • Food accessibility
  • Transformation of the animal sector
  • Etc.

This rapprochement will also enable the teams to better advise their clients. This will be particularly the case when it comes to challenging their vision, strategy, mission or values. In the same way, Soliance alimentaire will be able to accompany them on subjects at the other end of the scale: setting up an IT master plan, reflecting on uses, mobilizing players or leading change. By joining forces, TriesseGressard and the Adix group are able to meet all the challenges oftomorrow's food industry.

Decoding food systems is part of Soliance's raison d'être

Soliance Alimentaire's reason for acting is to commit all its talents and energy to "accompany the changes in production, distribution and consumption specific to agricultural and food systems for the benefit of the sustainability of resources, the good health of companies and consumers, all while respecting all of its stakeholders".
It is in response to this profound desire to act that Soliance alimentaire has launched this first series of podcasts, Eating is Changing the World. The objective? To get consultants talking about the food challenges of tomorrow through information and awareness.

Eating is changing the world, in short

In Eating is Changing the World, Soliance Alimentaire shares its vision through a series of observations. For the experts at Soliance Alimentaire, many food systems are destined to disappear or to change profoundly. To prosper, the agri-food industry will have to react upstream of these changes. Episode after episode, Soliance Food consultants, each an expert in a particular field, will express their views on the major issues facing the market. Thanks to their experience, they will provide the audience with their analysis of the current and future transformations within the food systems. All of these insights will be a source of inspiration for action and will respond to Soliance alimentaire's raison d'être: nourish the vision, cultivate the action.

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