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Our commitments

By accompanying our clients, we act for the change of agricultural and food systems for the benefit of the environment, the respect and the fair prosperity of each stakeholder.

Our services therefore have an impact on agriculture, food, industry, territories and sectors. We are committed to focusing these impacts on three main objectives: to reduce the carbon impact of our missions, to align the missions we carry out with our raison d'être, and to maximize the number of farmers, consumers and citizens that our missions impact.

Reducing the carbon impact of our missions

Climate change affects agricultural production in a strong and sometimes dramatic way. We are thus concretely realizing that we must drastically modify our lifestyles to limit our carbon impact and eventually eliminate it. We have chosen to focus our actions on the greatest carbon impact of our activity: travel.

All of our service offerings are designed with our carbon policy in mind: we give priority to videoconferencing whenever possible, limit air travel to missions for which it is essential, and carry out as much of our travel as possible by train.

We measure the carbon impact of missions where our clients ask us to. Each consultant reports his travel impact annually.

Implement our raison d'être on 80% of our missions

We want to inspire our customers to do the best: the best for their long-term prosperity, the best for the common good.
We know that the companies that will thrive tomorrow will be the ones that combine profit with positive impacts on society and the environment.
2/3 of young millennials don't want to work for a company that has a negative impact, and the same goes for consumers.

Our 2020 impact report shows that 50% of our missions had sustainable development impact issues. The aim is to increase this to 80% by the end of 2022.

We have chosen to measure our impact on 6 priorities from the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030:

  • Promote responsible consumption and production
  • Promoting good health and wellness
  • Acting for the protection of the planet, climate change, life on land and life under water
  • Acting for Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Promoting decent work and economic growth
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Eradicate famine

Maximize the number of people our missions impact: farmers, consumers, citizens

Our clients' activities impact the entire food chain, from the producer to the consumer, wherever they are located in the value chain. Beyond the performance and satisfaction of our clients, which is our top priority, we strive to evaluate for each mission, the number of farmers impacted, the number of consumers impacted (buyers of our clients' products) and the number of citizens impacted (concerned by the areas of influence of our public clients). We aim to maximize these numbers to drive transformation at both ends of the food system.

Certification B Corporation

We are aiming for certification by the end of 2023; our last BIA - B Impact Assessment - gave an evaluation above the certification threshold.

"The future does not exist, it has to be invented".

Henri Bouillot - President