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wishes 2022

2022, the year of the 12 virtues!


2021 is coming to an end, and the year has certainly been rich in projects for all of you. Despite the uncertainties, despite the fatigue and weariness generated by this never-ending crisis, you managers have stayed the course, continued your transformations, and encouraged your teams every day.

To boldly enter 2022, our TriesseGressard team proposes an agenda in 12 adjectives; rich in our passion for food; enthusiastic like all of you who act in these sectors, from seed to plate, from agriculture to agri-food, from companies to territories.

An artist friend, Claude COUDERC, has painted 12 canvases that tell us about the wonderful stories that our agri-food professions write throughout the seasons. We will let you discover them on our website and LinkedIn throughout this year 2022.

Count on us to be at your side and to embody these 12 virtues to the best of our ability! As of January, we will offer you webinars to talk, together, about the major issues of our sectors ... in a joyful, daring way ... See you soon.

Best wishes, happy holidays and long live 2022.

A beautiful year 2022 will be a year :

JOYOUS, like a BANANA laugh, that children love so much

AUDACIEUSE, like William Tell and his arrow that splits the APPLE, takes risks

METICULAR, like the bees, whose work provides us with HONEY

INGENIOUS, like the chef who carefully cooks the products of his POTAGER

RADIUS, like the sun, the food of all the PLANTS you cultivate

RESPECTFUL, as a duly prepared RECIPE

DELICIOUS, like this WATER, powerful, at the base of everything

FACETIOUS, to also know how to break the codes, to savor the intoxication of the GLASS OF WINE

CONSCIOUS, like the farmer who sows his seeds to harvest the wheat ears

AMBITIOUS, like the bud that manages to bear juicy FRUIT a few months later

SCRUPULEUSE, to always respect nature, take care of the young plant which will become TOMATO

GENEROUS, like wheat that becomes BREAD OR BRIOKS, symbol of abundance.

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