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Transformation tools

Technical and economic feasibility study of agro-food processing tools

Nurturing the vision

Whether they are carried out by public authorities in the framework of a policy to support the structuring of territorial sectors or by private actors in the framework of their development and activity diversification strategy, Soliance Alimentaire provides its expertise for the realization of technical and economic feasibility studies of agri-food transformation tools: slaughterhouses, vegetable factories, fruit transformation units, etc.

We propose various analyses of the sectors and the market (strategy of the actors, flows, needs):

- Analysis of the organization of the flows and the various distribution channels on the territory, the existing economic fabric and identification of the opportunities with regard to the downstream markets.
- Analysis of the needs of the operators in the sector (supply and demand) as well as the expectations and trends of the market.
- Competitive analysis and definition of the commercial strategy

Based on fieldwork and listening, we identify the framework conditions and the key success factors of the project specific to the territory.

We support you in your decision-making process by identifying with you the different scenarios or possible directions of the project. We pay particular attention to mobilizing ad-hoc tools (analysis, mobilization, etc.) and to providing the necessary external insights and recommendations.

Cultivating action

With our partners, we support projects in their operational implementation (site analysis, sizing, equipment and technology, management, ground plan).

We evaluate the investments to be made and accompany you in defining the project's economic model. We analyze its economic profitability and identify with you the key points of vigilance.

Finally, we support you during the first phases of the project implementation by helping you define a development strategy (commercial organization, mobilization of actors) and implement the associated action plan.

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Transformation tools

Whether they are supported by the public authorities within the framework of a policy of support to the structuring of the...

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G. Chavas, President of the AURA Fruit Strategic Committee

AURA Strategic Fruit Committee

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B. Guerre, Director of the CA du Cher (in 2018)

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