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Our reason to act

"To participate as a player in the changes of agricultural and food systems of production, processing, distribution and consumption for the benefits of sustainability, profitability and respect for all our stakeholders."

The Raison d'Être of Soliance Alimentaire
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Our approach

Soliance Alimentaire is the result of the merger of two firms: TriesseGressard, expert for more than 25 years in consulting, studies and forecasting of food systems, and Adix, specialist in transformation projects for almost 30 years.

Thus, this crossroads of expertise allows us to nourish the vision of our customers, to accompany them in the realization of all their projects by including sustainability logics.


Opening up the opportunities of the future

Current food systems are destined to disappear. The challenge is to create specific and visionary models that integrate: low carbon, a controlled supply chain, food transparency, territorial vitality and food insecurity. It is a question of metamorphosis, i.e. radical changes, while respecting and transforming what has been until now; we are in the process of moving from the caterpillar to the butterfly.

This is our reason for acting: to commit our talents and energies to "accompany the changes in agricultural and food production, distribution and consumption systems for the benefit of the sustainability of resources, the good health of companies and consumers, while respecting all stakeholders".

Moving towards sustainable food for all is possible! We choose to act in this direction.

Develop new forms of collaborative, respectful and virtuous work

We defend a sustainable idea of entrepreneurship which is concretized by the solidarity between the actors, the sharing of the created value and the respect of human resources and the planet.

We are convinced that it is from new organizational models that we will be able to improve access to quality food for all, by creating disruptive solutions to open up new avenues for agri-food companies, processing industries and territories to ensure food for citizens.

This is our vocation and our motivation to think and act alongside you every morning!

Acting consciously in our missions, from reflection to action!

As a player in the industry, we do everything possible to have a positive impact on the environmental, social and economic dimensions.

Aware that food is a vital and cultural issue that affects our territories, our health and our heritage, we are putting our strengths into action to ensure the success of our clients' transformation.

Only companies, brands, projects and territories strongly committed to virtuous missions will prosper tomorrow, which is why we support models that combine profitability with positive impacts on society and the environment.

Do what you say with enthusiasm and courage

We are convinced that reflection must be intimately linked to action. We do not only produce intentions and visions, we give ourselves the means, with you, to commit ourselves to the implementation of our strategic recommendations thanks to our crossed expertise.

We are moving forward in an enlightened way towards long-term prosperity and the common good.

Seeing far is good, acting is better!

To enlighten your future, by a fine listening and an open mind

We defend the respect of human values, a key element of the success of your project. Listening to shareholders, managers, clients, stakeholders and employees, we take care to distinguish facts, feelings and opinions in each mission. We thus reveal the convergences and divergences of the actors facing a project and its positioning; sociodynamics and mediation are among our key tools to move forward.

The future does not exist.
It has to be invented.

Henri Bouillot - General Manager of Soliance Alimentaire

Soliance Alimentaire - Nurturing vision, cultivating action

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Our commitments

For the second year in a row, we are reporting on the impact of our projects by assessing their environmental, social and governance impacts

As such, we are making available our 2021 impact report.